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Surprise your GRAD with the perfect suprise graduation gift delivery !!! Who Doesn’t Love Balloons!.. Get The Perfect Floating #graduation Balloon Gift Delivered Today!! We will deliver lovely balloon arrangements and/or bouquets to brighten your loved ones day. This great gift surprise is the ultimate tug to all hearts..


Our team strives to create heart tugging memories that’ll last a lifetime, so we’re pushing the bar to higher limits! Setting ourselves apart by thriving in our purpose. We are excited to execute memorable moments; all while delivering accountable, professional services with integrity!. let’s get started ordering your special balloon surprise today!


Order Includes: 5ft - 7ft tall w/ (3-4) special occasion decorative (18-36 inch) foil balloon toppers & (9-12) floating balloons



A scheduling notification will be sent via email within 24hrs of ordering.


Thanks for your interest and support, we look foward to servicing you!!




Quick Order - Medium Grad Balloon Arrangement

Excluding Sales Tax
Choose 1st Balloon Color
Choose 2nd Balloon Color
  • Balloon Arrangement Delivery

    *Guarantee Next Day Delivery by placing your order before 1pm and/or calling us 8323055528 for avalibility. We cannot guaratee orders outside of this guide line, if ordering after 1pm the order may be cancelled if theres no avaliability on our routes.

    ***Pick up orders avaliable upon request/avalibility***

    * Balloon Arrangement gift deliveries will be delivered on the scheduled date by 6pm.

    *Helium balloons will float up to 6hrs depending on heat levels

    *Sub 6 foil Balloons for longer float time up to 3 days

    *Orders are delivered betwwen the hours of 9am - 6pm *Exception to store Holiday delivery schedule

    Event/Party Decor
    *Serious Buyers Only* Due to a high volume of inquires, we charge a deposit for new client/custom/special ordering that can be used towards your order.*Each job we price is individually tailored to fit the location, personal taste and budget of the event, party and/or sale we are servicing. We require a *Mandatory Consultation to place an order, once orders are confirmed there's a 50% down payment required to book, allowing desired items/services to be reserved for your event date/time. If you are placing an order less than 14 days of your event, then the full balance must be paid in full. *All Invoices will be cancelled 24-48hrs due to high volumes of inquiries/request. *Deposit funds will be used as an nonrefundable deposit credit to your order. *All canceled order deposits will be used to cover consultation services. *Once we receive your payment, an email receipt will be sent to you as confirmation. Thanks for your support and interest we look forward to servicing your upcoming event!


    Legal Terms
    PAYMENT: Payments are final/nonrefundable and will reserve the desired services/decor for your event date/time/location. The Services may not be reserved if the Client fails to make the payment of this invoice. DAMAGE: Client agrees that if guests or other vendors (not associated with iEvents Balloon Decor Store) cause damage to any furnishings and or goods provided by iEvents Balloon Decor Store will assume the responsibility of said damages. PICTURES AND MARKETING: Client agrees that iEvents Balloon Decor Store may take pictures of the furnishings and decorations and any other goods provided by iEvents Balloon Decor Store to be used for Marketing and/or Advertising without prior notice. By Client payment of this agreement/invoice, Client expressly grants consent to iEvents Balloon Decor Store ADDITIONAL FEES:If the Client has contracted iEvents Balloon Decor Store and given the times/dates and tear down times those times will be strictly adhered to. If iEvents Balloon Decor Store arrives at said venue at the agreed to time and the event is still in process the Client will be charged according to the crew and time of wait. The internal laws of the State of Texas shall govern the interpretation and enforcement of this Agreement. The sole and exclusive venue for any lawsuit relating to this Agreement shall be a court of competent jurisdiction in State of Texas.
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